Route 78 West 11/1/2009 back
Show #443 Blackwaterside


 track  artist, song-label, format

01     Sandy Denny, Blackwaterside [rare]
02     Bert Jansch, Blackwaterside-Vanguard, CD [1978]
03     Led Zeppelin, Black Mountain Side-Atlantic, LP [1969]
04     Uncle Tupelo, Looking For A Way Out [rare, 1991]
05     Phosphorescent, Pick Up The Tempo [from To Willie, brand new]
- break 10:17 am
06     Curtis Gordon, Caffine And Nicotine-Detour, LP [1954]
07     Gillian Welch, The Devil Had A Hold Of Me-Almo, CD [1998]
08     Hello Kavita, The Last Time-Honeyslide-CD [new]
09     Danny Kalb and Stefan Grossman, Singing Songs Unsung-Collectables, CD
         [Crosscurrents, 1969]
- break 10:00 am
10     Wilco, I Am Trying To Break Your Heart [rare]
11     Alasdair Roberts, The Flyting of Grief & Joy-Drag City [Spoils, 2009]
12     Akron Family, Love Is Simple-CD [2007]
- break 10:52 am
13     Matthew Sweet, Someone to Pull The Trigger-CD
14     Son Volt, When the Wheels Don't Move-Rounder, CD
15     Olga Praguer Coelho Voce, Boi Boi Boi (Acelanto Popular da Bahia)-78
- break 11:04 am
16     Los Waleysoons, Tabernas-Isotonic, CD
17     Santos Swings, Viva del Santo!-Discos Estrus, 45
18     Sarah Borges, Me And Your Ghost-Sugar Hill, CD
19     Melissa McClelland, Money Shot-Six Shooter, CD
20     The Rolling Stones, Memo From Turner [outtake, produced Jack Nitzsche]
- break 11:26 am
21     Marvin Rainwater, In The Valley Of The Moon-Bear Family, LP
22     Chad Price, With Bleeding Wrists-CD [from The Local Shakedown Comp#3]
- break 11:38 am
23     Justin Vernon, Hazelton-CD
24     The Byrds, Why-Re Flyte, LP
25     Mynd Flower, Raga #4-CD [demo]
26     Replicast, Valley Of Shadows [Halloween Edit]

Notes: This show began with three differing versions of the traditional song Down by Blackwaterside. As the lyrics go it's a love story with a, "when hell freezes over " twist. The Zeppelin version features Jimmy Page on guitar and Viram Jasani on tabla.

Further along through the show hints of the devil, Mexican wrestling and ragas reminded of the previous Halloween night's full moon and trickery. My favorites of the show, all the Blackwaterside traks, trak 5 by Phosphorescent, trak 9 Singing Songs Unsung, and the final song by Replicast.

All in all an interesting mix of songs and to top it off a great after-the-storm day. Post show at our old haunt the Rio Grande. A sort of reunion with Ukulele Loki who we don't see as often as in the past. After a few hours of top secret conversation and people watching we got out into the dwaining afternoon daylight. Stay tuned for the next installment of Route 78 West.

PLAN ahead for Japandroids at the Larimer Lounge, November 22.

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