Route 78 West 8/30/2009 back
Show #435 Breaker Breaker


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Carl Story, I Found A Hiding Place-Bear Family, CD
02     Marvin Rainwater, Albino (Pink Eyed) Stallion (1955)
03     James Bond Theme-United Artists, LP [Dr. No, UAL 1408]
04     T. Texas Tyler, Bumming Around-Wrangler Records, LP
05     Roy Acuff, Wabash Cannonball-Columbia, LP [for Tyler]
06     Johnny Burnette Trio, Lonesone Train (On ALonesome Track)-Mischief Music, CD
- break 10:18 am
07     Luke The Drifter, I'm Going To Spin My Wheels-Bark Log, LP
08     Charlie Booker, No Riding Blues-Body & Soul, CD
09     Jerry Reed, Mister Luck-VeeJ, CD
- break 10:31 am
10     Ann Jones and Her American Sweethearts, I've Had It-Audio Lab Recordins, LP
11     Wanda Jackson, Fuji Yama Mama-Capitol, CD
12     Kyu Sakamoto, Ue o muite arouko (Sukiyaki) [1963]
13     The Tornados, The Breeze and I-London, 45
14     The Vibrants, The Breeze and I-AVI Records, CD [1963]
15     Santo and Johnny, The Breeze and I-Canadian American, LP
16     Caterina Valente, The Breeze and I-Decca, LP
- break 10:51 am
17     Jordan Chassan, Wound Up Way Too Tight-Strong, CD
18     Lloyd Green, Cold Cold Heart [1967]
19     Hank Williams, Rambling Man-Mercury, CD
20     Neil Young, Light A Candle-Reprise, CD
21     Ray and Keely, A Hundred Miles-Century Records, 45 [Denver]
22     Kaki King, Zeitgeist-Velour, 45 [unreleased promo, 2008 *hot trak
- break 11:17 am
23     Bruce Springsteen, Randolph Street [rare]
24     Farview, I am A Cinematographer [rare]
25     Palace Brothers, I am A Cinematographer-Drag City, CD
26     Scud Mountain Boys, In A Ditch-Sub Pop, CD
27     Iron And Wine, Bird Stealing Bread [rare]
- break 11:02 am
28     Get Three Coffins Ready, Moon Shadow-MDSA Records, CD
29     The Avengers, Heartbeat-Mr Manicotti Records, LP
30     The Astronauts, Ride The Wild Surf-RCA, 45
31     The Twin Tones, Esparto Del Deserto-Isotonic, CD*hot trak
32     Tinariwen, Tenhert (The Doe)-Mojo, CD
33     The Beavers, Over Under-Planet X, LP
- break High Noon
34     Yardbirds, Over Under [rare]
Notes: Hot traks of this show correspond to play list sequence 22 and 31. Finger chimes and CB lingo converged upon the airwaves signaling plenty of old favorites, local Folk and Surf. The mood was a nice interlude to a sort of autumn like day. Post show at Dot's Diner included plenty of bacon, coffee and Johnny Trash channeled throughout the cafe. Stay with it and see ya next week. Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.