Route 78 West 8/23/2009 back
Show #434 Fresh Dreamy Mysterious


 track  artist, song-label, format

01     Nat Stuckey, Pop A Top [original version, 1966]
02     Curtis Gordon, Caffeine And Nicotine-Detour, LP
03     George Jones, The Cup Of Loneliness-Mercury, CD [Madmen instigated]
04     Ned Miller, From A Jack To A King-Fabor, LP [FLP 1001]
05     Ned Miller, Long Shadow-Fabor, LP
06     Hank Williams, Drifting Too Far From The Shore-Time Life, CD
- break 10:17 am
07     Webb Pierce, Wondering-Decca, CD
08     The Hackberry Ramblers, Wondering-78 [1937] *Hot Track
09     Jo Serrapere, Unbreak My Heart-The Detroit Radio Co, CD [new]
- break 10:32 am
10     Smiley Burentte, It's My Lazy Day
11     Hoagy Carmichael-Lazy River-AAD, CD [for Tyler]
12     Bob Dylan, Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre-LP [1962, rare]
13     Slim Jacobs, That's Truck Driving [1963]
- break 10:46 am
14     Richard "Cautus" Pryor, Dying Duck In A Thunderstorm-Cattle, LP
15     Chewbacca's, Cowboy Junkie-Isotonic, CD
16     Ned Miller, Cry Of The Wild Goose-Fabor, LP
- break 11:02 am
17     Melvin Endsley, Is It True-Detour, LP [RCA 45 label, 1957]
18     Wade Ray, Idaho Red
19     Wade Ray, I Need A Good Girl Bad-Detour, LP
- break 11:12 am
20     Red Simpson, Bad Man Highway Patrol-Capitol, LP [for Johannes]
21     Big Star, Take Care-Castle Communications, LP
22     Neil Young, Slowly Burning-Reprise, CD
23     Yardbirds, Over Under Sideways Down-Columbia, LP [for Charles]
- break 11:25 am
24     Austin Lounge Lizards, Didn't Go To College-Watermelon, CD [for Doc]
25     The Replacements, Can't Hardly Wait, Sire, LP
26     Neil Young, Revolution Blues-Reprise, LP
27     Ennio Morricone, Le Fine Di Barbara, E Il Ritorno Di Joe-Film Score Monthly, CD
28     Richard Crandell, Diagonal-Numero Group, CD [1980]
29     Richmond Fontaine, Watch Out-El Cortez, CD [new]
- break 11:46 am
30     Replicator X [rare, new]
31     Yardbirds, Over Under-BBC, CD [rare]

Notes: Busy school business all over the Republic (of Boulder). Gasping minds discovering mind expansion in alleyways I have memorized. Everywhere the image of inexperience. I have been there and recognize the scene. It is a joy to watch people moving along new sidewalks with new friends in neatly pressed clothes. Their pockets are full of fresh money. A few are coherent and in fact head and shoulders above the rest. I put out a signal... we need you to join us here at 1190. Man, these are your airwaves and the music is your voice. Push a switch to talk across the world. Push a button and tell what you know and meet the future and past music. I mean, if it's your thing come on over and share the knowledge. Well, I'm not going to beg but we are dying off and need some fresh blood. We're in the basement of the University Memorial Center. Bring some LP's with to prove you're cool.

The studio was relaxing quiet, mainly because the phone was in off mode most of the show. Jeff got to debut a bunch of tracks from the new "Ted" disk. As you may know, Ted shipped out a new CD of music last week and the compact disk was delivered cracked to smitherns. Luckily Ted listens to Route 78 West and a replacement disk was sent.

Other than that a status quo Sunday. Stay tuned next week for another episode with guest DJ Charles, aka Spirits Rejoice and music devotee.

Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.