Route 78 West 8/16/2009 back
Show #433 Wholesome Family Show


 track  artist, song-label, format

01     T. Texas Tyler, Honky Tonk Gal-4 Star, LP
02     George Morgan, A Cheap Affair-Starday, LP
03     Jimmie Rodgers, Blue Yodel #2 from My Darling Lucille-RCA, 78
04     Hank Williams, Honky Tonk Blues-MGM, LP
- break 10:13 am
05     Lefty Frizzell, Blue Yodal #9-Bear Family, CD
06     Sons Of The Pioneers, Hi Filootin' Newton-Cattle, LP
07     Roy Acuff, Greenback Dollar-Columbia, LP [1958]
08     Prairie Ramblers, Wine Woman and Song-OK, 78
- break 10:26 am
09     T. Texas Tyler, There Ain't Be No Dog Gone After While-Castle, LP
10     Louise Masse & his Westerners, Rock & Rye Polka-Vocallion, 78
11     T. Texas Tyler, Electric Guitar Polka-Castle, LP
12     Buck Owens & his Buckaroos, Country Polka-Capitol, LP
- break 10:41 am
13     Los Straightjackets, Theme From The Magnificant Seven-Isotonic, CD
14     Jimmie Dolan, Hot Rod Race-Columbia, LP
15     The Sandblasters, Tarantula Taco-Isotonic Records, CD
16     Santo and Johnny, The Breeze and I-Canadian-American Records Ltd., LP
17     Robert Mitchum, Thunder Road-United Artists, LP
18     Man... or Astroman?, A Mouthful of Exhaust-Estrus, CD
19     Red Simpson, City Police-Capitol, LP
- break 11:02 am
20     Bon Iver, Flume (rare)
21     Santo and Johnny, Somewhere Over The Rainbow-Canadian-American Records Ltd., LP
22     Steven Stills, So Begins The Task-Rhino, CD [1968]
23     Judy Collins, House Of The Rising Sun-Sky Lark Records, LP [1959, live in Denver] [SK 1002]
24     David Cosby, Tamalpais High [rare]
- break 11:26 am
25     Boulder Acoustic Society, Worries [live in studio][CD release party August 29 at Swallow Hill]
- break 11:32 am
26     Boulder Acoustic Society, Untill Then [live in studio]
- break 11:38 am
27     Boulder Acoustic Society, The Addressee-CD
- break 11:44 am
28     Boulder Acoustic Society, Angry Political Song [live in studio][new CD titled Punch Line]
29     The Skatalites, James Bond Theme
- break 11:56 am
30     Fields Of The Nephilim, Celebrate-Beggars UK, CD

Notes: Today's show hosted by Uncle Jeff and "Hammer Lane" Charles [aka Spirits Rejoice] and as always Webmaster Jay in the passenger's seat.

R.I.P. inventor and musican Les Paul. More Les Paul. Still more Les Paul.

Thanks to the Boulder Acoustic Society for playing some "live" music in our studio.

View the Album artwork of the Sky Lark release of Judy Collins.

Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.