Route 78 West 8/9/2009 back
Show #432 Wrong Way, Right Way


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Bob Williams, Hot Rod Race-Tennessee Records, 78a [1951]
02     Bob Williams, Morning After Blues-Tennessee Records, 78b [1951]*Hot Trak
03     Tex Williams, Roundup Polka-Columbia, 78
04     Tex Williams, Smoke Smoke Smoke-Columbia, 78
05     Brother Bones & His Shadows, Sweet Georgia Brown-Tempo, 78 [1929]
- break 10:17 am
06     Bob Wills, Stay A Little Longer-Columbia, 78
07     Red Folley and Ernst Tub, Don't Be Ashamed of Your Age-Decca, 78
08     T. Texas Tyler, Deck Of Cards-4 Star Records, 78
09     Cactus Pryor, Double Trouble-4 Star Records, 78
- break 10:28 am
10     Patsy Montana, Woman's Answer to Nobody's Darling-Mellotone Records, 78
11     Wanda Jackson, I Gotta Know-Capitol, 78
12     Loretta Lynn, Trouble On The Line-Interscope, CD
13     Wanda Jackson, Grandma Sang Off Key-Word, 78*Hot Trak
14     Bonnie Wilson, Keep On Truckin'-Squire, LP [from Littleton Co., contact her on CB channel 9]
- break 10:46 am
15     Hank Williams, Dust On The Bible-Time Life, CD
16     Sterling Blythe, Love For Gold-Sterling Records, LP (CST 204)
17     Carl Perkins, Turn Around-Sun, LP
18     Johnny Cash, I Heard That Lonesome Whistle-Sun, LP [for Nick]
19     Del Reeves, This Must Be The Bottom-United Artists, LP
- break 11:03 am
20     Buffalo Springfield, Go And Say Goodbye-Atco, CD [1966]
21     Country Joe & The Fish, We're The Crackers-ABC, LP [Zachariah Soundtrack]
22     Neil Young, Everybody's Alone-Reprise, CD
- break 11:19 am
23     Mel Hyland, Friends In Rodeo-Highwood, LP
24     Roy Heinrich, Sad Songs On The Junkbox-Loudhouse, CD [Baghdad Texas Soundtrack]
- break 11:26 am
25     Nels Cline, Prayer Wheel-Cryptogramophone, CD
26     Mike Auldridge, House of The Rising Sun-Takoma, LP
27     John Fahey, In Christ There Is No East Or West-T&M, CD
- break 11:46 am
28     Alan Sondheim, 776-ESP, CD [Ritual-All-770]
29     سهق قهؤاشقي لاهساخح, Enta Omri-Drag City, CD [Sir Richard Bishop]
30     Brij Bhushan Kabra-Raga Puriya Alap-OAO, LP [The Sunset Raga] [more]
Notes: My morning began traversing the urban valleys of Denver. Quickly I found myself sleezing forward on a one way street yelling at the pavement arrows... keeping an eye out for cops. Lets face it, there's no sense in stopping at traffic signals which face the opposite direction of travel. This my friends, is the result of neglecting my morning caffeine fix. Thanks to the spirits Charles did not suffer trauma during the bad scene.

Music-wise today's show resembled a pleasant musical dream. Charles brought a load of 78's. It seemed like the entire show would hang in the era of shellac, but about the half way point more modern sounds made their way into the play list. The final half hour we found our inner center with a mix of roots and international music selections.

Thanks to all the listeners who phoned in comments and requests. Post show we all headed to the Rio's rooftop patio for conversation, food and drink.

Stay tuned next week for a special episode of Route 78 East... we're talking 78s from Greece, Turkey and the Orient. We hope this will not affect the milk production of all the dairy barns that broadcast this show.

Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.