Route 78 West 8/2/2009 back
Show #431 Cash For Clunkers


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     The Masters Family, When The Wagon Is New-Columbia, 45
02     Red Simpson, The Rules Of The Road-Capitol, LP
03     K.C. Douglas, Mercury Blues-Cook, LP
04     Lefty Frizzell, Travelin' Blues-78
05     Buffalo Springfield, Four Days Gone-Atco, LP [SD33-256, 1968]
- break 10:16 am
06     Sons of the Pioneers w/Bob Nolan, Royal Telephone-CD
07     Ryan Adams, Come Pick Me Up [demo]
08     The Jayhawks, Mission On 2nd-American, CD [for Jamie]
- break 10:30 am
09     Eddie Marshall, Moblin' Baby Of Mine-Detour Records, LP [1951]
10     Lattie Moore, I'm Not Broke But I'm Badly Bent-Westside, CD
11     Caryl Chessman, Chessman
12     The Jayhawks, Waiting For The Sun-American, CD
13     Son Volt, Pushed Too Far-Rounder, CD [new]
- break 10:53 am
14     Lee Bell, Beatin' Out The Boogie On The Mississippi Mud-Detour Records, LP [for Tyler]
15     Spade Cooley, Lord Nottingham's War Dance-CD
16     Curtis Gordon, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet-Detour Records, LP
- break 11:04 am
17     Carlos Malcolm & his Afro-Jamaican Rhythm, Bonanaza Ska [for the crazy Swede Johannes]
18     Booka & the Flaming Geckos, Baghdad Texas-Loudhouse, CD [soundtrack]
- break 11:04 am
19     سهق قهؤاشقي لاهساخح, Barbary-Drag City, CD [Sir Richard Bishop]
20     The Holy Modal Rounders, Boobs-A-Lot-Sundazed, CD [for Doc]
- break 11:17 am
21     The Jay Hawks, Save It For A Rainy Day-Lost Highway, CD
22     Magnolia Electric Company, Whippoorwill-Secretly Canadian, CD [new]
23     The Velvet Underground, Sweet Nothin' [outtake, for Jay]
- break 11:33 am
24     Jason Molina, Whippoorwill, aka Southern Cross [rare]
25     Richmond Fontaine, You Can Move Back Here-Trash Aesthetics, 45a
26     Hank Williams, Farther Along [outtake]
- break 11:44 am
27     Richmond Fontaine, Now You Can Know It Too-Trash Aesthetics, 45b
28     Ted Lucas, Raga in "D"-Numero, CD [1968]
29     Magnolia Electric Co-Protection Spells-Secretly Canadian, 45
30     Booka & the Flaming Geckos, Western Sunrise-Loudhouse, CD [soundtrack]
- break 12:00 noon
31     The Velvet Underground, Rock And Roll [outtake]
Notes: Cash for Clunkers, aka smoke and cheap plastic mirrors brought to you by the demons in D.C. Forget that politico stuff! Concentrate on the music and the scene.

Today was a reunion of sorts and the music was good. Jeff's briefcase was full of new and edgy material. The CD burners howled for 2 hours recording the newest and most obscure traks for further analysis. Plenty of calls and dedications kept pace with our common thought... a day like this one is why we do radio. Man, the listeners are IN the groove and we are buzzing like youngsters on some kind of trip. A trip from early Country to modal tranquility with detours through live recordings, demos and out-takes. Today I heard the finest version of Come Pick Me Up and realized I was at the first public performance of Whippoorwill, aka Southern Cross. Inspiration is what it is. New artists included Booka and the Flaming Geckos. Outrageous name and their release includes hardcore Honky Tonk next to modal trips through Texas. Very cool.

Now it gets better cause the phone... ring! ring! ring! It's Doc and we love Doc cause he and we are going the same direction. All of the sudden it's the Rio. Meet at the Rio after the show, OK? But the show ain't done. Ring! Ring! Ring! Hello... is that you Ed? Oh, you'll be DJing the Lunch Hour? Excellent, we will see you in 30 minutes.

Time goes by quick and Ed's out there in the hall with bags-o-vinyl... and the needle on turntable 2 is messed up, but Ed fills in the void with how he bought the LP on a visit to another town. An LP he had admired and by fate come across in the used bin in some other town. By the way the turntable is messed up, not Ed's precious record.

We all move out to the lobby. Loki is strumming out to a Rock-a-Billy song and Jeff is organizing his bags for the trip home. I'm burning one last CD... and through the studio door there's Ed behind the microphone, moving to the music on his headphones, oblivious to us as we wave and yell GOODBYE. Goodbye Ed! At the last moment he lifts his head, smiles and waves.

We head out past the dumpster into the sunny heat toward a liquid lunch rendezvous on the patio with Doc. It's August. It's hot and traffic is unusually frenzied. It must be the students returning for the school year. Yep, that's what it is!

This Tuesday at the Hi-Dive check out Magnolia Electric Co. See ya next week.

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