Route 78 West 7/12/2009 back
Show #428 The Whole World Oughta Go On A Vacation


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     The Holy Modal Rounders, The Whole World Oughta Go On A Vacation-Sundazed, CD (1971)
02     Uncle Sammy, Rambling Tommy Scott
03     Slim Whitman, When Jesus Took My Burden-Bear Family, CD
04     Simon Crum, Stand Up Sit Down Shut Your Mouth-Charly Records, LP
- break 10:14 am
05     Sons Of The Pioneers, I Follow The Stream-Cattle Records, LP (1955)
06     Tampa Red, It Hurts Me Too-CD
07     Maddox Brothers and Rose, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain-Arhoolie, LP
08     Maddox Brothers and Rose, Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down-Arhoolie, LP
09     Wanda Jackson, The Window Up Above-Capitol, CD (for Barbara)
- break 10:31 am
10     Red Simpson, You're Under Arrest-Columbia, LP
11     Mac McCarty, Will There Be A Traffic Light-Cattle Records, LP
12     Jerry Jeff Walker, Mr. Bojangles-Atco, LP (a request)
13     The Rolling Creekdippers, In My Hour Of Darkness-Almo, CD
14     Bob Dylan, Beyond Here Lies Nothing-Columbia, CD
- break 10:0? am
15     Patterson Hood, Screwtopia-Ruth St., CD
16     Neil Young, Everybody's Alone-Reprise, CD
- break 11:09 am
17     Neil Young, Sell Out-Reprise, CD (for Mike)
18     Neil Young, Sell Out-CD (rare)
19     The Holy Modal Rounders, Spring Of '69-Sundazed, CD
20     Youngbloods, Fiddler The Dram-Warner, LP (1970)
21     Blue Mountain, Spring Of '69-Blue Mountain, CD (Roots, 2001)
- break 11:32 am
22     Bon Iver, Flume (rare)
23     Bon Iver, Tampa to Tulsa (rare)
24     Richmond Fontaine, Watch Out
25     سهق قهؤاشقي لاهساخح, Enta Omri-Drag City, CD (Sir Richard Bishop)
- break 11:53 am
26     Patterson Hood, She's A Little Randy-Ruth St., CD
27     Carey Swinney, Living In My Head-Big Shot, CD
- break 11:00 am
28     سهق قهؤاشقي لاهساخح, The Pillars Of Baalbek-Drag City, CD

It seemed a new beginning in a way. All rested up with plenty of new material and fresh stories. Jeff and I both walked in clutching copies of Patterson Hood and Sir Richard Bishop. Each are very interesting releases and merit purchase.

Post show Rio brunch followed by a trip to Bart's... had to pick up the new Son Volt and Sleep's, Holy Mountain (recommended by Charles). DOom mETaL rules!!! (sorry, I lost control).

Thanks to George for assisting Uncle Jeff with today's DJing. Note: George is not an intern and neither is Webmaster Jay.

See ya next week. Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.