Route 78 West 7/5/2009 back
Show #427 Vulcanizing The Airwaves


 track  artist, song-label, format

01     Cliff Carlisle, Hobo Blues-Old Timey, LP
02     Bob Wills, New San Antonio Rose-Columbia, 78 (1940)
03     Jimmie Rodgers, Desert Blues-Victor, 78 (1929)
04     The Harmonizing Four, Farther Along-Decca, 78
- break 10:12 am
05     Roy Acuff and The Crazy Tennesseans, Steel Guitar Blues
06     Janette Davis, Poison Ivy-78
07     Shell Oil Commercial-78 (one sided 78, vulcanizing reference)
08     Hank Williams, Moanin' The Blues-MGM, LP
09     Muddy Waters, Why Don't You Live So God Can Use You, Testament Records, LP (1941)
- break 10:25 am
10     Little Brother, Blues (Lomax, 1934 Texas State Penitentiary recording)
11     Les Paul and Mary Ford, Tiger Rag-Capitol, 78
12     Hoagy Carmichael and Ella Logan, Two Sleepy People-78
13     Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys, Driftin' Too Far From The Shore
- break 10:40 am
14     Johnny Cash, Train Of Love-Capitol, CD
15     Dick Curless, Drag 'Em Off The Interstate-Razor & Tie, CD
16     Dave Dudley, Two Six Packs Away-Mercury, LP
17     Commander Cody, Hot Rod Lincoln-MGM, LP
18     Jim Flaherty's Caravan, Real Gone Daddy
19     Buck Owens, Mexican Polka-Columbia, LP
- break 10:57 am
20      Wanda Jackson, Stupid Cupid-Capitol Records, LP
21     The Squires, Mustang-Reprise, CD
22     سهق قهؤاشقي لاهساخح, Solenzara-Drag City, LP (Sir Richard Bishop for Eric, 2009)
- break 11:08 am
23     Neil Young, Last Trip To Tulsa-Reprise, LP
24     Clarence Cooper, 900 Miles-Elektra, LP
25     The Byrds, The Christian Life-CD (out take)
- break 11:32 am
26     The Beachwood Sparks, The Hustler-Sub Pop. CD
27     The Beachwood Sparks, Jugglers Revenge-Sub Pop. CD (for Anthony, featuring J. Mascis)
28     Bud Isaacs, Beautiful Mahana-Bear Family, CD
29     The Flying Burrito Brothers-Close Up The Honky Tonks-Sony, CD
- break 11:39 am
30      Uncle Tupelo, Whiskey Bottle-Columbia, CD (acoustic version)
31     Moondoggies, Save My Soul-Hardly Art, CD (2008)
32     Moondoggies, Changing-Hardly Art, CD
- break 11:52 am
33     Starflyer 59, Fell In Love At 22-Tooth & Nail Records, CD (for DJ Alisha)
34     John Fahey, Dance Of Death-Takoma, CD

Notes: Friday past I was beginning to wonder who would be pushing the buttons for today's broadcast. All I could do was gather a good assortment of music and wait for someone to return my call. I finally got a buzz from Charles on Saturday night. He would be there to DJ, but he needed a ride. The quick plan was to pick him up Sunday morning at Colfax and Broadway... "See ya tomorrow. Bye."

Concise statements like the previous one work well and by 9:03 am Charles was sipping coffee as I wheeled north out of Denver on a massively wide scar of concrete. Pick a lane and hope it's the one. Even with a few minor navigational fu-pas we made it to the station with plenty of time to spare and were happy to see George as we walked into the office. Between the three of us we had plenty of material for the next two hours.

Charles ran the board as the show got started. After a few tracks he commented how much different it was queuing up 3 minute tracks vs 20 minute jazz numbers. Part of it was our frenzied comparisons of which song would fit and such. Three of us... not yelling, but searching our way to the next verse in the show. I can say it's fun, but after two hours it just wears you down. How does that old grizzled miner (Uncle Jeff) do it week after week? That and the fact all the bathrooms were locked up and the studio temp was 102 degrees. Half way through George took over the board. Requests were coming in over the phone and web. By damn we were able to fulfill most of them and are worthy of the Route 78 West tradition.

Stand out tracks include 07 Shell Oil Commercial, 21 Sir Richard Bishop and 30 Moondoggies. By the time Mr. Trash showed up all three of us were feeling good about the music we had put out and gabbing a post-show destination. We opted for Espresso Roma on the hill. It's close, cheap and the scenery is diverse. Sipping caffeine on the patio and conversing music, alley rumors and employment situations was the ticket to complete the day.

Besides that I got a CD of Russian Punk to look forward to, ie Charles. Thanks to George and Charles for a great show... and for pulling me out of the never ending gutter of old age. See ya next week.

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