Route 78 West 6/21/2009 back
Show #425 Otterdog


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Foy Willing, Blue Shadows On The Trail-Cowboy Songs Records, LP
02     Hank Williams, Pale Horse And His Rider Goes By-Time Life, CD
03     Jack Turner & hisGranger County Gang, Hound Dog-Detour, LP [1953]
04     Sons Of The Pioneers, The Howlin' Pup-Bloodshot, CD
- break 10:12 am
05     Red Sovine, Little Joe-Deluxe, CD
06     Neil Young, Slowly Burning-Reprise, CD
07     The Ventures, Ghostriders In The Sky-CD [alternate version] ** Hot Trak runnerup
08     Neil Young, Aurora-Reprise, CD
09     Sons Of The Pioneers, Will There Be Sage Brush In Heaven-Bloodshot, CD
- break 10:29 am
10     Texas Jim Lewis, Squaws Along The Yukon-Cattle Records, LP [for Sammy]
11     Tex Ritter, Get Along Little Dogies-Bear Family, LP [1935] *Hot Trak
12     Timber Wolves EP-45
13     Arthur Smith, Tie My Hunting Dog Down Jed-CD [for Pat]
- break 10:42 am
14     Neil Young, Old King-CD [2/14/1992 NYC]
15     Bob Dylan, If Dogs Run Free-Columbia, CD
- break 11:04 am
16     Pink Floyd, Samus [for the Mayor of Saratoga, WY]
17     Richmond Fontaine, Western Skyline [rare, 2.22.2007 Glasgow]
18     Lennon & Mc Carty, The Two Of Us [demo]
19     Byrds, Old Blue [rare 2.22.1969, for Conor] *** Hot Trak third place
20     The Ventures, I Walk The Line-CD
- break 11:25 am
21     Blue Mountain, Blue Canoe-RoadRunner, CD
22     Iron and Wine, Sinning Hands-Sub Pop, CD
23     Nick Drake, Black Dog-CD
24     Fleetwood Mac, Albatross-CD [1.25.1969 LA]
25     Adam Franklin, Ramonesland [rare]
- break 11:45 am
26     Darryl and the Rustlers, Pal 'O Mine-CD
- break 11:59 am
27     The Beatles, Tommorow Never Knows [demo]
Notes: Otter