Route 78 West 5/31/2009 back
Show #422 Roofies


 track  artist, song-label, format

01     Hillbilly Jazz, Sentimental Journey-CD
02     Vern Gosdin, Set Em Up Joe-Columbia, CD
03     Hank Williams, Honky Tonk Blues-CD
04     Ernst Tubb, Farther Along-Proper, CD (for Joel)
- break 10:12 am
05     Dave Dudley, Six Days On The Road-Koch Records, CD
06     Red Simpson, Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves-EMI, CD
07     Hal Lone Pine And Betty Cody, Tom Tom Yodel-Bear Family, CD
08     Brother Bones & His Shadows, Sweet Georgia Brown-78 (1929)
09     Bob Wills, Sweet Georgia Brown-Kaleidoscope, LP (1946)
- break 10:27 am
10     The Derailers, Country A-Go-Go-Dualtone, CD
11     Bob Wills, Three Guitar Special-Tiffany Transcription LP(1947)
12     Santo & Johnny, Summertime-Black Tulip, CD
13     Leon McAuliffe & His Western Swing Band, Mr. Steel Guitar-Columbia, CD
- break 10:00 am
14     Jerry Jeff Walker, On The Banks Of The Old Bandera-(for Joel)
15     Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, One Too Many Mornings (rare)
16     Marvin Rainwater, Would Your Mother Be Proud-BACM, CD
17     Bruce Springsteen, Your Hometown (demo #2)
- break 11:00 am
18     Gene Clark, She's the Kind of Girl-Roadmaster, CD (1966)
19     Wilco, Summer Teeth-Reprise, CD
20     Wilco, Via Chicago (rare)
- break 11:24 am
21     Iron & Wine, Friends They're Jewels-Sub Pop, CD (new)
22     Earl Hooker, Hooked On Love-Blue Knight Records, LP (more)
23     Francesco de Masi, Montero's Plan-Italian, CD
24     The Centuries, Outer Limits-Romulan-LP
- break 11:34 am
25     Valley Of Shadows, Replicast (demo)
26     John Fahey, Revelation on the Banks of the Puxatucket (for Charles)
- break 11:56 am
27     The Intrepids, Goulash-Romulan, LP

Notes: R.I.P. Jay Bennett and Vern Gosdin.

In our spare time you can find us on a roof drinking adult beverages in the high altitude sun, gabbing music, culture and our lack of confidence in what lies ahead. Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.