Route 78 West 5/24/2009 back
Show #421 Standing In A Dream


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Sons Of The Pioneers, Lord You Made A Cowboy Happy-Cattle, LP (1947)
02     Onie Wheeler, Onie's Bob-Bear Family, CD
03     Riley Crabtree, I Always Play A Losin' Hand-Cowgirlboy, LP
04     George Jones, Hearts In My Dreams-Mercury, CD
05     Farmer Boys, Honky Tonk My Blues Away-CD
06     Riley Crabtree, Walk Through the Valley With My Lord-Cowgirlboy, LP
- break 10:15 am
07     Howard Perkins, Under Control-Barklog, CD (Country Hicks Volume 4&5)
08     Johnny Wright, Hello Vietnam-Decca, LP (DL 74837)
09     Ben Curry, Hotdog-Blues Images, CD
10     Arlie Duff, Y'all Come-CD
11     New Riders of The Purple Sage, Dirty Business-Legacy, CD
12     Mud Acres, Killing The Blues-Rounder, LP (Woodstock Review, 3018)
- break 10:44 am
13     Wilco, Serial Killer (for Brian)
14     Blue Mountain, Lakeside-Roadrunner, CD
15     Uncle Tupelo, Effigy (rare 2-5-1993)
- break 11:00 am
16     Bob Dylan, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35-Columbia, CD
17     Hugh Masekela, Grazing In The Grass-Chisa 45 (55066)
18     The Band, Life Is A Carnival (rare, for Clay)
- break 11:00 am
19     Son Volt, Jet Pilot-Sony BMG, CD
20     Neil Young, Pushed It Over The End - a.k.a. Citizen Kane Jr. Blues (rare) (search this page)
- break 11:23 am
21     Greg Brown, Beatniks Gonna Rise Again-Red House, LP (for the Webmaster)
22     Iron And Wine, Swans In The Swimming-Sub Pop, CD (new CD)
23     Bruce Springsteen, State Trooper (1980, demo)
24     Drag The River, Beautiful and Damned (out-take)
- break 11:42 am
25     Ilyas Ahmed, Some Of None-Rootstrata 30, CD
26     Sandy Bull, Blend II-Vanguard, LP
Notes: I absolutely enjoyed the last two sets of music. I'm not inferring the rest of today's show was sub-par, just that the final half dozen songs left me standing in a pleasant dream which helps to make grazing in the dust and lies tolerable.

If you could, pick up the collection of albums containing the last six songs. Greg Brown's 44 & 66, Red House (1984), Iron And Wine's Around The Well, Sub Pop (2009), Bruce Springsteen's State Trooper is a demo so download it from this show, Drag The River's Bad At Breaking Up, Influence (2009), Ilyas Ahmed's Goner, Rootstrata 30 (2009) and Sandy Bull's Still Valentine's Day 1969, Water (2006).

Once you've got those six musical gems set aside 2-3 hours, sit down and relax to the music. Hell, it's cheaper than going to a major sporting event, it lasts forever and the educational attributes cannot be listed. Forget the plague of tourists, stand in the dream and smile.

Post show brunch at Dot's on the Hill... ambience courtesy of Johnny Trash. See ya next week!

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