Route 78 West 4/26/2009 back
Show #418 Ryan Adams


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Whiskeytown, Faithless Street (rare)
02     Whiskeytown w/Emmylou Harris, Return Of The Grievous Angel (rare)
- break 10:15 am
03     Ryan Adams, Tears Of Gold (Curtain of Light Session)
04     Whiskeytown, Bottom Of The Glass (out-take)
05     Ryan Adams, Idiots Rule The World (Suicide Handbook demo)
- break 10:28 am
06     Ryan Adams, Leave The Lights Off (rare)
07     Ryan Adams, Song For Keith (with the Pink Hearts)
- break 10:38 am
08     Whiskeytown, The Strip (rare, the Almost Inn, N.C.)
09     Ryan Adams, Dear Ann (demo, Swedish Sessions)
- break 10:52 am
10     Ryan Adams, I Still Miss Someone (rare, Gothic)
11     Ukulele Loki interview with Ryan Adams (2001)
12     Whiskeytown, Anytime Anwhere (Pneumonia era out-take)
- break 11:04 am
13     Ryan Adams, Time The Revelator (rare, Exit Inn 1999)
14     Ryan Adams, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, Time The Revelator (Destroyer demo)
- break 11:17 am
15     Ryan Adams, I Wish You Would (scrubbed clean)
16     Ryan Adams, Learn How To Say Goodbye (rare, England 2002)
- break 11:29 am
17     Ryan Adams, Wonderwall (Oasis cover)
18     Ryan Adams, Give Me Sunshine
19     Strawberry Wine Interview (Times Podcast 2009)
20     Ryan Adams, Strawberry Wine
21     Strawberry Wine Interview (Times Podcast 2009)
22     Ryan Adams, Perfect And True (Suicide Handbook)
23     Strawberry Wine Interview (Times Podcast 2009)
- break 11:55 am
24     Ryan Adams, Expressway To Your Skull (soundcheck)
Notes: Today's show was all Ryan Adams and if you didn't hear anything new you're probably as crazy as us when it comes to music. Longtime Route 78 West listener Mike S. joined Uncle Jeff in the studio and brought his treasure chest of rare recordings and an absolute weath of knowledge in Ryan Adams, Neil Young and many other commonalities of the genre.

For more info about Ryan Adams check out The Ryan Adams Archive. And don't forget Jeff's favorite reference site Dipipedia.

Special thanks to Mike S. for making this show one of the best in the Route 78 West library.

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