Route 78 West 3/29/2009 back
Show #414 Moonshiner


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Porter Wagner, I Thought I Heard You Call My Name-Bear Family, CD
02     Marvin Rainwater, Mr. Blues-Bear Family, LP
03     Porter Wagoner, A Beggar For Your Love
04     Blue Sky Boys, The Longest Train (transcription)
- break
05     Mark Lanegan, Where Did You Sleep Last Night (thanks Hucks)
06     Bob Dylan, Moonshiner (live 1961)
07     Uncle Tupelo, Moonshiner-Columbia, CD
- break
08     Tom Clancey, Moonshiner
09     Marvin Rainwater, Korea's Mountain Northland-Bear Family, LP
10     Lorne Greene/Bonanza, In the Pines
- break
11     Gene Clark, In the Pines (live 1975, Ebbets Field, Denver)
12     Peter Rowan, Moonshiner
13     Woody Gutherie, Do Re Mi-Smithsonian Folkways, CD (written 1937)
- break
14     Jimmie Davis, You Are My Sunshine-Bloodshot, CD (for Betty)
15     Hank Williams, Jambalya (solo demo)
16     Bob Dylan, Moonshiner (Gaslight 1962)
17     Edison Diamond Disc, Roving Gambler (Marc's test transcriptions)
- break
18     Alela Diane, To Be Still (rare)
19     Pieta Brown, Just
20     Akron Family, Don't Be Afraid You're Already Dead-Young God, CD
21     The Union Line, Rich Man's Tune-CD (on Jeff's 2009 list)
- break
22     Say Zuzu, Moonshiner-Broken White Records, CD
23     J. Shogren, Hand Grenade-American Holly, CD
24     Hacienda Brothers, Since I Met You Baby (Ranch & Town live)
Notes: No notes for now. My head's in the overhead compartment on flight 536.

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