Route 78 West 3/22/2009 back
Show #413 In The Pines


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Bill Monroe, In The Pines (1941)
02     Leadbelly, In The Pines
03     Louvin Brothers, In The Pines
- break 10:17 am
04     Merle Haggard, Someone Told My Story-Bear, CD
05     Billy Walker, I'm A Fool To Care-Castle, LP
- break 10:23 am
06     Bob Dylan, In The Pines
- break 10:34 am
07     Kurt Cobain, In The Pines (demo)
08     The Blue Sky Boys, The Longest Train
09     Marianne Faithfull, In The Pines
10     Gene Clark, In The Pines
11     Nirvana, In The Pines (MTV Unplugged)
- break 10:48 am
12     Johnny Cash, I Walk The Line (lp)
13     Swervedriver, Last Train to Satansville (radio edit)-A&M, Promo CD
- break 10:06 am
14     David Lindley, Quarter Of A Man (for Conor)
15     These United States, Honor Among Thieves (W.A.R. Records)
16     The Paupers, Another Man's Hair On My Razor- MGM lp(1968)
- break 11:17 am
17     Patterson Hood, Uncle Disney-CD
18     Nirvana, Serve the Servants (demo for Webmaster Jay)
- break 11:25 am
19     The Grateful Dead, In The Pines
20     Velvet Tones, Static (Romulan LP)
21     Sweet Hollywaiians, Mexicali Echo
22     Hacienda Brothers, Saguaro
- break 11:45 am
23     Sir Richard Bishop, Corpuscle (the first half)-Locust Music, CD (Wooden Guitar, 2003)
24     Paupers, Tudor Impressions-MGM, LP
25     Sir Richard Bishop, Corpuscle (the second half)-Locust Music, CD (Wooden Guitar, 2003)
Notes: No notes today. Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.