Route 78 West 3/8/2009 back
Show #411 The Wind and Rain


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Merle Haggard, Sing Me Back Home-Capitol, CD
02     Lonesome Brothers, Church Of Nicotine-Spirithouse, CD
03     Ferlin Husky, You'll Die A Thousand Deaths-Capitol, LP (1953) ***
- break 10:14 am
04     Jimmie Heep, Butterball Bounce, Cowgirlboy-LP (for Halden & the High Beams)
05     The Louvin Brothers, Mother I Thank You For The Bible You Gave-Capitol, LP (ST 1721)
06     Hank Snow, Lazy Bones-RCA, LP (CAL 722) * *
07     Sheb Wooley, Boogie Woogie Waltz-Bear Family, LP (BFX 15175)
- break 10:30 am
08     Ukulele Loki's Gadabout Orchestra, Daylight Savings-CD (self-released)
09     The Sons of The Pioneers, Prairie Revelry
10     Lattie Moore, Sun and Sundown-Westside, CD
11     Buster Pack & His Lonesome Pine Boys, The Indian Boogie-White Lable, LP
- break 10:46 am
12     Dave Dudley, Keep On Truckin' (clinker)
13     Jimmy Work, Pickup Truck-London, 78
14     Johnny Cash, Ira Hayes-Capitol, CD
- break 10:59 am
15     Bob Dylan, Percy's Song-LP (rare)
16     David Rawlings and Gillian Welch, The Wind and The Rain (soundtrack)
17     Jerry Garcia & David Grisman, The Dreadful Wind And Rain-ACD, CD
- break 11:19 am
18     Pentangle, Cruel Sister-CD
19     Fairport Convention, Percy's Song-A&M, LP
- break 11:38 am
20     Tom Waits, Two Sisters-Anti, CD
21     Broadcast, Echo's Answer-The Syndicate, CD
22     Conor Oberst & Gillian Welch, Lua-4AD, CD
23     Neil Young, Birds-Reprise, 45
- break 11:57 am
24     Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit, Streetlights-Lightning Rod, CD *

Did you ever look through the window of a fast moving train to see a movie frame?
Did you ever gaze out of a moving bus and see dashed lines on the road?
What's out there beyond the ditch and the track?
Have you ever wanted to slow down and turn right and see?

Look over your shoulder at that grain elevator and storage sheds.
A quarter mile away is a moving truck.
A line of dust in the mid-day heat heading toward the railroad crossing.
There's more by those tracks than you think?

Where are you going on this old two lane?
A few miles north is a smooth interstate with long straight-o-ways and a rest stop.
En passé dim-lit closed businesses.
Jesus Saves, Bait & Tackle, Clean Rooms, Oil Change & Filter $18.95.

The cops are awake, so don't run a stop sign or crack a beer.
Then I break out of town, it feels like the 70's and I turn it up.
No reason to pay attention, there's geometric fields in my headlites.
Blurring sedated fodder flipping past the edges of my rearview mirror.

I'm lost on this road, but my friends live at the end.
Sta a a tic ic ic, ja ja jesus can save your soul, ga ga da da da god is savior.
KGOD 1670 am, somewhere, Nebraska.
Green sign state line 207 miles

Feeling around behind, below my seat.
Grabbing at the round edge, grab miss, grab again.
Pop the top and look up.
The straight road is still straight as far as my highbeams see.

Wind and stench and a dead battery dream.
Flat tire, stuck in a ditch, broke at a toll booth, dead battery... morning.
Barefoot in my boxers near a barbed wire fence with no end.
Waiting in the morning sun, in a ravine with cow paddies all around, with a dead battery.

Behind, below the driver's seat a cool can of beer.
Click pop drink, and in the distance a dusty clouded pickup truck.
Sip sip beautiful morning beer, cool hot summer morning beer.
Gun rack pickup truck dust stops.

"Good morning?"
"Oh, yes it is, would you like a beer?"
"What kind?" thinks the wondering dust out loud.
"Pale ale, from Lyons Colorado."

She said "get in" and I did.

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The show is what it is. CLASSIC. If you missed it then download and listen as you head away from Denver on any 2-lane of your choice. My choice would be a gravel road north to Wyoming, I am partial to states without taxes.

Stay tuned for more choice music next Sunday... same time, same channel. Signing off....