Route 78 West 3/1/2009 back
Show #410 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Hank Williams, Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw-Mercury, CD
02     Bob Dylan, I Was Young When I Left Home (rare)
03     Wynn Stewart, I Rather Have America-Bear Family, CD
- break 10:17 am
04     The Byrds, Drug Store Truckdrivin' Man-Yellow Dog, CD (feb 22 1969)
05     Pinetop Slim, Applejack Boogie-Kent Records, LP (Atlanta, 1949)
06     Joan Baez, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You-Mp3
07     Led Zeppelin, Babe I'm Going To Leave You-Atlantic, LP
- break 10:37 am
08     Led Zeppelin, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Sept 20, 1968)
09     Neil Young, Greensleeves (rare 1974)
- break 10:47 am
10     Quicksilver Messenger Service, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (1968)
- break 10:56 am
11     Bert Jansch, Angie-Vanguard, LP (VSD 79212)
12     The Shadows, Apache-EMI, LP
13     John Fahey, Sail Away Ladies-Takoma, LP
- break 11:08 am
14     Richmond Fontaine, Hardly Seen (rare)
15     Sheb Wooley, Knew I Had Lost-Bear Family Records, LP
16     Buddy Miller, I'm Gonna Be Strong-Hightone, CD
- break 11:21 am
17     The Shadows,The Breeze and I-EMI, LP
18     Multicast, el Sid (rare)
19     Gnarls Barkley, Who's Gonna Save My Soul (demo)
20     Sophia, So Slow-Echostatic/Space Baby, 45
- break 11:36 am
21     The Rolling Stones, Ruby Tuesday (rare)
22     Songs:Ohia, An Ace Unable To Change-Secertly Canadian, CD
23     Bob Dylan, Queen Jane Approximately-Columbia, LP
24     Neil Young, Stupid Girl-Reprise, LP (Zuma)
- break 11:55 am
25     Mudcrutch, Orphan Of The Storm-Reprise, CD
26     The Rolling Stones, Stupid Girl (rare)
Notes: In two hours Jeff walked listeners through folkie mind-trips, intricate instrumentals and long lost recordings. If you know Jeff like I do you're hip that each trak intertwines musical concepts with cryptic messages. Jeff may harp that the music is the tune, but when the lyrics are revealed you can hear what Jeff is thinking.

Jeff has influenced the local music and art scene ever since I met him circa 1982, and probably before that. In this part of the woods he's a mind-reader of the cultural zone. He doesn't do it to be phat. He ekes out the future so he won't be left behind talking to the old urbanized wornouts. The variety of his friends span a grand canyon of personalities... ranchers, professors, craftsmen, musicians, all sort of freelancers and even a few federallis.

You may only know him as he is on the radio... ranting over the wikipediazation of the masses, or that Moving Picture Experts Group-1 Audio Layer 3 nomenclature is not acceptable for daily consumption. He may go off on how parking meters are the Republic's Digital Devil and in the next breathe describe a productive evening of watching sine waves while sipping a fine mescal as a fire crackles and pops in the background. It all depends on his mood and the snow depth and the CFS of a river...

Coming back to my point... if Jeff is at a venue you can know there's something worthwhile going on. That grizzled old miner is at work prying out the truth and archiving it for posterity. This is Jeff's calling. And for darn sakes, don't insinuate he should change his ways or trim his beard or SETTLE DOWN. It's simply is not your option.

Relax, listen and learn. If your spirit gets energized follow through by going to a show or digging for more facts or just contact Jeff. See ya next week!

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