Route 78 West 2/22/2009 back
Show #409 Smiling Faces (Sometimes)


 track  artist, song-label, format

01     Sons of the Pioneers, Cowboy Camp Meetin'-Cattle, LP
02     Porter Waggoner, What Would You Do-CMSP, LP
03     Billy Jo Spears, Get Behind Me Satan and Push-Ace, CD
04     The O'Jays, The Backstabbers (sampled)
- break
05     Commander Cody & The Lost Planet Airmen, Down to Seeds & Stems-MCA, LP
06     Tex Williams, That's What I Like About the West-Proper, CD
07     Eddy Martin, I'm Packing My Duds-Bark Log-LP)
08     Sanford Clark, Usta Be My Baby
- break
09     Tom Tall, Stack A Records **
10     Merle Haggard, Please Mr DJ
11     Todd Sneider, Vinyl Records
12     Art Gibson, No More Records
- break
13     John Fahey, Daisy (Bicycle Built for Two)-Takoma, LP
14     Iron & Wine, Die-4AD, CD *
15     Bruce Springsteen, The Wrestler-Sony, CD
16     Antony w/ Bryce Dessner, I Was Young When I Left Home-4AD, CD
17     Neil Young, Borrowed Tune-Reprise, LP
18     Rolling Stones, Lady Jane-Parlophone, LP
- break
19     Jason Isbell, Cigarettes and Wine ***
20     Pieta Brown, Still Runnin'
21     Wilco, Hotel Arizona
- break
22     Hacienda Brothers, Cowboys To Girls (rare)
23     The Undisputed Truth, Smiling Faces (Sometimes)
24     Lou Reed, Coney Island Baby-RCA, LP

Notes: When I'm in the line for a show I'll be checking over my shoulder to see if Danny's coming down the sidewalk. He usually was at every event worth it's salt. Thanks for all your support and help in making Route 78 West a success. Best of luck in Arizona.

Today's hot trak is by Jason Isbell, "Cigarettes and Wine." Thanks Danny for bringing in the new CD. I will for sure be picking it up as soon as it is released.

See ya next week.

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