Route 78 West 2/15/2009 back
Show #408 New Depression


 track  artist, song-label, format

01     Woody Gutherie, I Ain't Going To Be Treated This Way, Everest Records, LP
02     Tom Rush, Doo Ray Me-The Elektra Corportation, LP
03     Bob Dylan, Hard Times In New York Town (rare)
04     Neil Young, Depression Blues (1984, rare)
- break 10:17 am
05     La Cueva from Two Mules For Sister Sara (1970) Ennio Morriconi-Kapp, LP
06     Tom Rush, Come Back Baby, Prestige, LP (7374)
07     Tom Rush, Stackerlee-Prestige, LP
08     Blue Mountain, Spring Of '65-Blue Mountain Music, CD (2001)
- break 10:33 am
09     Jimmy Work, A Heart Like A Merry-Go-Round-Bear Family, LP (1956)
10     Jimmy Newman, Artificial Rose-Decca, LP **
11     George Jones, I Threw Away the Rose-PolyGram Records, CD
12     Marvin Rainwater, My Wandering Round-Bear Family, LP
13     Wesley Tuttle, Mail Order Bride-Cowgirlboy, LP
14     Tom Waits, Better Off Without A Wife-Elektra, LP
- break 10:51 am
15     Roy Smeck, Midnight Blue-78 (1937)
16     Louvin Brothers, At Mail Call Today-Capitol, LP
17     Gillian Welch, Look At Miss Ohio-Acony, CD
18     Bon Iver, Beach Baby-Jagjaguwar, CD (EP, new)
19     Gary Louris, She Only Call's Me On Sunday's-Ryko, CD (2008)
- break 11:13 am
20     The Beatles, Help-LP (Yoko Archives)
21     Craig Calhill & The Offbeats, Pipe City-Romulan, LP (UF0x20)
22     Prueba De Fuego, Brasil-Isotonic, CD (ETCD SP2727)
- break 11:25 am
23     Mudcrutch, Crystal River-Warner, CD
24     Gravenhurst, East Of The City-Warp, CD *
25     Adam Franklin, Bolts of Melody-Second Motion Records, CD (new) ***
- break 11:45 am
26     Japan Cakes, I Only Said-Darla Records, CD (2008)
27     Bon Iver, Woods-Jagjaguwar, CD (Blood Bank EP, 01-20-2009)
- break 11:59 am
28     The Union Line, Rich Man's Tune-CD (self released)

Notes: No Depression. Depression Blues. The Great Depression.

What's the song of the New Depression? Let us know.

Next week will be a sort of goodbye good luck show for Vagabond Danny who is on the way to a new state and town. Stay tuned on the radio or the world wide intraweb. Over and out.

*** best, ** good, * just plain number 3.