Route 78 West 2/8/2009 back
Show #407 Transcend The Times


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Johnny Wright, Hello Vietnam-Decca, LP (1966)
02     George Jones, Fall To Pieces-Mercury, LP (for Doc)
03     Kitty Wells, It's All Over-Decca, LP
04     Sons Of The Pioneers, Slim-Cowboygirl, LP (1937)
05     Paramount All Stars, Home Town Skiffle Pt1 & 2-Blues Images, CD
- break 10:17 am
06     Bob Dylan, Rocks And Gravel (rare)
07     Blind Blake, Sun To Sun-Paramount, 78 (1932)
- break 10:31 am
08     The Louvin Brothers, The Weapon Of Prayer-Capitol, CD
09     The York Brothers, Trembling-CMT, CD (1951) *
10     Jimmy Work, That's What Makes The Jukebox Play-Bear Family, CD
- break 10:44 am
11     Patrick Sky, Reuben-CMT, CD (1965)
- break 10:53 am
12     Sol Hoopii, Radio Blues-Rounder, CD (1927, Master of The Hawaiian Guitar Vol 2, 1927-51)
13     Wesley Tuttle, They Locked God Outside The Iron Curtain-CD
- break 11:01 am
14     The Sweet Hollywaiians, Hawaiian Clasis Medley (Live In Studio) (myspace) *** (hot trak)
         Mai Kai No Kauai, Maui Chimes and Hue Hue
- break 11:08 am
15     Sol K. Bright's Hawaiians, Heatwave-Arhoolie, CD
16     The Sweet Hollywaiians, Oh! Anita-Sweet Strings Records, CD (2007) (buy it)
- break 11:21 am
17     The Sweet Hollywaiians, Singin' The Blues (Live In Studio)
- break 11:07 am
18     The Sweet Hollywaiians, Hula Girl (Live In Studio) **
- break 11:30 am
19     The Grateful Dead, Box Of Rain + a public service announcement
20     Buffalo Springfield, Down To The Wire (rare)
21     Little Junior's Blue Flames, Mystery Train-Rhino, CD
- break 11:42 am
22     The Rolling Stones, Dear Doctor (for Doc, rare)
23     The Union Line, Rich Man's Tune-CD (self released) (new, for Sara ) (on Jeff's 2009 list)
- break 11:54 am
24     Hendrix, 3rd Stone From The Sun-Mp3 (giggly version) (for Massa, Go, Tyler and Charles)
Notes: A pleasant spring Sunday except it's winter. Could be the weird quiet of the recession balancing on my forehead. Had a relaxing morning drive to the Republic. Adequate caffeine instigated Dream Syndicate. Stuck on track 3, "That's What You Always Say." 1982.

I'd tell you that we've been through this
I know I've told you that before
I'd try to find out where we miss
but it gets to be such a chore
Ever since that time I told you it's so
Something gets my mind and I don't let go
and then the stories and words
they're here and gone
cause that's what you always say
I'd try to sit and talk with you
but you know moods change all the time
I'd try to wait a week or two
but by then I'd probably changed my mind.

Just plain stuck. Needle skipping along the groove. Expect chaos. Expect to wait. Know the mood comes from out there. But really, it is a nice day.

At the studio all is normal as can be. Jeff has been awake since friday morning. Ukulele Loki is nowhere in sight. I am on the edge and as usual, expected to conceal it. Doc Martin's arrival brings the stability required to make it through the show.

Loki finally shows and brings in the band from Japan. The Sweet Hollywaiians, with emphasis on SWEET. They have been on a month long US tour, final stop KVCU, Boulder. Tomotaka Matsui (Hawaiian steel guitar, guitar, ukulele, mandolin & vocal), Nobumasa Takada (guitar, ukulele, mandolin, mandola, tenor banjo, melody banjo & vocals), Takashi Nakayama (guitar, ukulele, tenor banjo, mandolin & vocals) and Kohichi Tsutsumishita (string bass, ukulele & vocals).

In a flash these guys took us back to the 1920's. Tough times, but oh so good music. Every scene has a turning point and the musicianship and complete happy smiling of this Osaka foursome turned up the positive energy. Just as Doc Martin had said earlier, "Music and art transcend the times at hand."

So went the rest of the show. Calm, smiling and mentally refreshed. Escape from the doom in my fragmented mind. I submit a grateful thanks to Doc Martin and The Sweet Hollywaiians.

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