Route 78 West 1/25/2009 back
Show #406 We Like Old Technology


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Lefty Frizzell, Send Her To Be Mine-Sterling, LP
02     Jim And Bob, Coffee In The Morning (And Kisses At Night)-Bluebird, 78
- break 10:07 am
03     Edison's Symphony, Teddy Bear's Picnic-Edison Wax Cylinder (1908)
04     Arthur Collins And Byron Harlan-My Gal Irene-Edison Wax Cylinder (1908)
- break 10:13 am
05     Arthur Collins and Byron Harlen, Arrah Wanna-Edison Wax Cylinder (1907)
06     Glen Spencer, The Arkansas Traveler-Edison Wax Cylinder (1903)
07     Eddy Head & His Family, Down On Me-Revenant, CD (John Fahey's Label, 1930)
- break 10:23 am
08     Fred Van Eps, Dixie Medley-Edison, Wax Cylinder
- break 10:31 am
09     Frederick Potter, Red Wing-Edison, Wax Cylinder (1907)
10     Ferlin Huskey, Mine Ha Cha
11     Laughing Water-Edison, Wax Cylinder (190?)
12     Slim Whitman, Smoke Signals-Bear Family, CD (1957)
- break 10:43 am
13     The Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra, Frank Ferora Conductor, On The Beach
         "A Charming Melody"-Edison, Wax Cylinder (1907)
14     Columbus Quartet, Wa Han O Minnie Hanna (1930)
- break 10:59 am
15     Teddy Roosevelt Campaign Speech, The Right Of The People To Rule-Edison
         Wax Cylinder (1919)
- break 11:07 am
16     Bob Roberts, Everybody Works But Father-Edison, Wax Cylinder (1912)
17     Coleman & Harper, Old Hen Cackle-Old Hat, CD (CD-1004)
18     Arthur Collins, Imagination-Edison, Wax Cylinder (1904)
- break 11:13 am
19     The Kinks, Village Green Preservation Society-Reprise, CD
- break 11:18 am
20     Edward Favor, Who Threw the Overalls In Mrs. Murphy's Chowder
         Edison Record, Wax Cylinder
21     Willie Nelson, Hesitation Blues-Lost Highway, CD (new)
- break 11:29 am
22     Al Bernard, Hesitation Blues-Edison Wax Cylinder (1919)
- break 11:33 am
23     Wess Montgomery, Laura (rare 1964)
24     The Aqua Sonics, Spanish Blue-Wormtone, CD
- break 11:48 am
25     Gary Louris, Vagabonds-Ryko, CD (for Danny)
26     Whiskeytown, Leave The Lights On (rare)
- break 11:59 am
27      Devastating Karate, All By Myself (for Jonny Trash)

I woke up before sunrise and lit the kerosene lamp. I got on my pants and boots, and sat a few minutes in the glow to gather my thoughts. I folded up my blankets and put them on a wooden shelf next to my other shirt, 2 pair of socks and my extra coat. I should of put everything in my traveling bag to keep them out of the dust, but I was cold and didn't.

Just like every morning I headed out the side door, picked up 2 pails and went to the well behind the chicken house. The only sound was of the sleeping chickens and various snorts from the livestock. By the time I had my water I saw a light in the house and knew Mrs.Surfeld was stoking the stove for breakfast. On the way in I stopped to tuck a few pieces of wood under my arm. A tap against the kitchen door and Kathy opened it. I felt the warmth and heard hot embers popping from the cookstove. Through the door opposite the stove Kathy's kids were moving about in the glow of a lamp. Her oldest boy, Matt, headed into the kitchen. With only a "Good Morning," he went out the door to bring in more wood. He knew his chores and never complained.

Mrs. Surfeld had a full pot of water on the stove and in no time some coffee was boiling. Matt bumped the door and I opened it. He pushed in a wheelbarrow of wood and dumped it in the corner next to the stove. With a smile he said "Morning," to his two sisters as they ran out of the bedroom. Mary and Kara were still in their long white gowns and barefoot. They picked up pieces of wood and open the firebox to feed the fire that cooked our eggs and biscuits and a pot of sliced apples with cinnamon. Today Kathy made lots of biscuits since we had not been able to get to Tom Water's place for any ham since the snowstorm last Monday. Pretty quick we were all seated around the table eating a hot breakfast and finally warmed up.

The way the sun was rising it seemed that better weather was on the way. I heard a Model T in the distance. We all grabbed a biscuit and went out to see who was trying to drive the drifted road. It was Doctor Hess headed north and he waved but dared not stop as he would never get going again. Now we were all awake.

For this March day, 1908, I was headed to Fred Plumbers' to help him with the house addition he was building. It was a 3 mile walk. Mrs. Surfeld would gather eggs, feed the pigs and since the weather was warming, do the laundry. Then she would spend the rest of the day sewing collars on shirts. All the shirts must be finished and delivered to the Mount Ryan Store tomorrow. That way Kathy would be able to do her weekly shopping and not have to use credit. Matt would milk the goats and chop wood, then meet me at Mr. Plumber's place. Matt and I would make almost $2/day, plus get a good hot meal. If things went well Mr. Plumber would play some music on his Edison Amberola after supper. We might even get a drink of whiskey and some cigarettes, which would make the walk home a little easier. It was going to be a good day.

Thanks to Marc for bringing in his Edison Cylinder Player and sharing his wisdom of historic music.

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