Route 78 West 1/18/2009 back
Show #405 Spread The Word


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Marvin Rainwater, Boo Hoo-Bear Family, LP (more info)
02     Hal Lone Pine & Betty Cody, Pale Moon-Bear Family, CD
03     Slim Whitman, Indian Love Call-Bear Family, CD (1952)
04     Marvin Rainwater, Gonna Find Me A Bluebird-Bear Family, LP
- break 10:13 am
05     Bud Isaacs, Indian Love Call-78
06     Marvin Rainwater, That's The Way I Feel-Bear Family, LP
07     Rex Allen, Out Where The West Winds Blow-Bloodshot, CD
08     Hank Thompson, Squaws Along The Yukon-Capitol, 45 Rpm
09     Arthur Godfrey, Heap Big Smoke But No Fire-Columbia, 78
10     Ennio Morricone, Titoli Testa [Navajo Joe], Legend, CD
11     Marvin Rainwater, Big Tom-Bear Family, LP
- break 10:35 am
12     Al Dexter, Car Hoppin' Mama-Jasmine, CD
13     Lefty Frizzell, Mama- Bear Family Box Set, CD
14     The Maddox Brothers and Rose, Okie Boogie-Old Timey, LP (for Doc)
15     Ian Tyson, Navajo Rug-Vanguard Records, CD
16     Jimmy Work, Puttin' Out The Dog-Bear Family, CD
- break 10:53 am
17     I See Hawks In LA, Byrd From West Virginia-Western Seeds, CD
18     Gillian Welch, Rumination Day Part 2-Acony, CD
- break 11:04 am
19     The Beatles, Help-Capitol, 45 (for Ukulele Loki)
- break 11:07 am
20     Bob Dylan, Crash On The Levie-Capitol, CD (for Sally)
21     Mudcrutch, Orphan From The Storm-Warner, CD
- break 11:14 am
22     Chris McGarry, Red Rocking Chair (live in the studio)
23     Michael Schenkelberg, Chris McGarry, Aaron McCloskey, Ukulele Loki, Snowin' On Raton
         (live in the studio)
24     Ukulele Loki, Moulin Rouge (live in the studio)
- break 11:30 am
25     Carey Swinney, Parades Down Main Street-Big Shot, CD
26     DRA [Ryan Adams], Autum In New York (demo)
- break 11:39 am
27     DRA, untitled (demo)
- break 11:42 am
28     Michael Schenkelberg, Chris McGarry, Aaron McCloskey, Ukulele Loki, You're Still On My Mind
         (live in the studio)
- break 11:46 am
29     John Mellencamp, Longest Days-Hear Music, CD
- break 11:51 am
30     Gravenhurst, Black Holes In The Sun-Warp Records, CD (for Zach)
Notes: Behind the Route 78 West scene magical dialogue takes place. Conveyors of musical style are coming together in deep discussions comparing the soul of their favorite forms of music. Hours wile away defending and contrasting the theories and culture behind artists and their compositions. It's all powered by energies you have witnessed over the airwaves.

We have become comrades in music. Our band includes locals, professionals, fanatics and addicts. Even those who enjoy Bluegrass. We are analytics of musical culture. We support what we like. We are not groupies. The process spreads each time one of our circle takes up and moves toward the hinterland or does a distant show or rides a ship to deliver the goods. Our broadcast divulges how dynamic our group is and the wide range of styles. Route 78 West has brought together an interesting circle of people. All artists in their own way and moving forward with each new tidbit of info they acquire.

Seattle, Florida, Bozeman, NY, Arizona, San Fran, Chicago, London, Portland, Georgia, Mexico, Belgium and places yet to be determined. We walk them all.

Then there is incognito Ted. Only communicates via music CD's. We know nothing about him except that his musical awareness equals or surpasses ours. Still, he is one of us. He is out there somewhere in the culturescape. His message is getting through.

Some of us despise the internet. Well, really it's only Jeff and even he is playing Mp3's when it has to be done. Whatever it takes is, right?

So, where are you and what's your know-how? Are you spreading YOUR word?

A big thank you to Michael, Aaron, Chris and Ukulele Loki for their studio performance today. Make sure to attend UkeFest 2009 on February 7th at the Swallow Hill Music Association Emcee'd by our own Ukulele Loki.

Don't forget our Edison Cylinder broadcast next Sunday!

Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.