Route 78 West 1/4/2009 back
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 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Lefty Frizzell, If You Got the Money I Got The Time-Bear Family (pre-production version)
02     Wynn Stewart, I Sold The Farm-Bear Family, CD
- break 10:11 am
03     Charline Arthur, Honey Bun-Bear Family, LP (1959)
04     Kitty Wells, Mansion On The Hill-Bear Family, CD
05     Washington Philips, Take Your Burden To The Lord And Leave It There-Mojo, CD
- break 10:20 am
06     Bob Roberts, Everybody Works But Father-Edison, Wax Cylinder (1912)
07     Red Kirk, Can't Understand A Woman-Cattle Records, LP (Herzog's Studio)
08     Wynn Stewart, Another Day Another Dollar-Bear Family, CD
- break 10:31 am
09     Jimmy Work, Puttin' On The Dog Tom Cattin' Around-Bear Family, LP
10     Hank Williams III, Me And My Friends-Sidewalk Records, CD
11     Larry Smith, Keep On The Sunny Side-Cattle, LP (Mono LP 42)
- break 10:39 am
12     Graham Lindsey, If I Ever Make It Home-Space Bar, CD (new)
13     Nick Drake, Rider On The Hill-
14     Ryan Adams, Everybody Knows-CD (demo)
15     Richie Havens, Hands Out In The Rain-Mojo, CD
16     Blue Mountain, Butterfly-Broadmoor, CD
- break 11:07 am
17     Graham Lindsey, No Way But Down-Space Bar, CD (The Mine EP, new)
18     Calexico, Dub Latina (rare, for Elaina in Brooklin)
19     Otem Rellik, Broken Teeth-Dead Space Volume Records, CD (local artist)
20     Jack And His Drifters, Old Hawaii-Cattle Records, LP (1953)
- break 11:28 am
21     Suarasama, Habibulah-Drag City, CD (CD transfer)
22     Gabor Szabo, Mizrab-Impluse, CD
- break 11:42 am
23     Sun Kil Moon, Tonight The Sky-Caldo Verde, CD
- break 11:55 am
24     Gravenhurst, Black Holes In The Sun (rare, for zack)
Notes: No notes today. Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.