Route 78 West 8/24/2008 back
Show #384 Art In My Room


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Jean Sheppard, Many Happy Hangovers-Capitol, LP (thanks George)
02     Porter Wagoner, The Town Cryer-Bear Family, CD
03     Kasey Chambers, Rattlin' Bones-Essence Music, CD (new)
04     Dave Dudley, Six Days On The Road-Koch Records, CD
- break 10:15 am
05     Pete McNeal, Taser Duel At Mama Citas (rare, epic Spaghetti Western)
06     Joe Strummer, The Unknown Immortal-Astralwerks, CD (from movie Walker)
07     Hellbenders, Unmarked Grave-Double Crown, CD
08     Floyd Tillman, G.I. Blues-Cowgirlboy Records, LP
- break 10:33 am
09     Mimi and Richard Fariña, Bold Marauder-Vanguard, LP (lyrics here, watch it here)
10     Southern Sons, Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammunition (1926)
11     Mimi and Richard Fariña, House Un-American Blues Acitivity Dream-Vanguard, LP
- break 10:48 am
12     Iron And Wine, Teeth In The Grass-Sub Pop, CD
13     Josephine Foster, Garden Of Earthly Delights-Locust Music, CD (new)
14     Fleet Foxes, Mykonos (rare)
- break 11:03 am
15     Willy Vlautin and Paul Brainard, Valedation (rare)
16     Jayhawks, Save It For A Rainy Day-Lost Highway, CD (2003)
17     The Beach Boys, Surf's Up-Columbia, CD (Smile Sessions outtake)
- break 11:19 am
18     Paul Westerberg, 49:00-MP3 (cut to 43 minutes, ie REGULATIONS regulations GOV reg's)
Notes: Today's music choices funneled in from across time and across the country. Those that think the show tends toward too much talk were pleasantly surprised with a 43 minute finale! Sensible conversation and artistic debate floated out on the frequency touching friendly and foreign ears that got in the way.

Strolling thru, down and up the weave everything from Country to... and I am so happy to write this... ROCK. Yes, Jeff played some good old new Rock N' Roll. REal Country music by Jean Sheppard, not to be confused with that new shit on the award shows. And then the set to remember [like a calf's first branding], Iron & Wine then Josephine Foster followed by the Fleet Foxes. Why isn't NPR or XM Radio begging to give us airtime? Because they don't have the gonads to play a show with the variety you heard today. Joe Strummer on Route 78 West? You bet! His train of thought was more focused and worldly than John Lennon. Watch The Future Is Unwritten and let me know if you agree.

Now the bad news. Read the lyrics of Fariana's Bold Marauder. I believe this song describes the military-industrial complex. The MIA is stealing your money, culture and creative arts. It is reprogramming society's thoughts. The MIC exists above the law. YOU are at their mercy. This past week a report from the Olympics described how protesters at the Olympics needed to register with the Commies before they would be able to protest. Even then the protest was to be done in a specified area. This is exactly what is required for protests at the Democratic Convention being held this week in Denver. It's EXACTLY the same as in Communist China. It only takes a bit of my brain to figure out our rights have been taken from us. When did we vote on having to register to be able to protest an issue? Grassroots is almost a thing of the past. After Gen X dies there won't be anyone alive that knows what REVOLUTION is. We need to get it together or go over the edge like a herd of buffalo. There's something happening here. There's a man with a gun over there... beware.

But... we have to work everyday. If we lose our jobs we lose our benefits. If you don't punch the clock you're a bum. If you don't have a new car your kids will be made fun of at school. Then you're a failure and you get sued and it's your birthday and your insurance agent sends you a birthday card. Do you feel good? No, no, no and it's all the result of the military-industrial complex. The military runs on oil. What's good for the military is good for you.

Advice, deep breathing, write a poem, learn to play the guitar and during the 1190 Fall Pledge drive donate a few extra dollars to keep the MIC at bay. P.S. Sharpen your kitchen knives.

Note: You will recognize a real revolution when it happens. Without thought you will ditch work, run down the enemy with a kitchen knife and feel good you didn't have to get a permit to do it.

I'm a little hyped up so time to listen to Paul Westerberg's 49:00 a second time. Damn, that was a good show and worth the time to download.

Post show at the Rio Grande, Boulder's oasis for on-the-lamb gray breaded smugglers.