Route 78 West 4/20/2008 back
Show #366 Twilight On The Trail


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Multicast, Green Sequence-Obliq, CD* (demo)
02     The Hacienda Brothers, Saguaro-Koch, CD
03     Foy Willing, Twilight On The Trail-Cowgirlboy, LP
04     Santo & Johnny, Summertime-Black Tulip, CD*
- break 10:11 am
05     Bruce Springsteen, Sandy (for Danny Federici, instrumental, rare)
06     Bruce Springsteen, Bishop Danced-Pony Express, CD
07     The Hacienda Brothers, Cowboys To Girls-CD
- break 10:28 am
08     Slim Whitman, Blue River-Bear Family, CD**
09     Johnny Cash, Big River-Columbia, CD
10     Ebe Sneezer and The Epidemics, Asiatic Flu (for George, 1957)
- break 10:40 am
11     Peter Hayes, Disk Jockey Blues (1949)
12     Bruce Springsteen, Satin Doll (rare)
13     Jimmy Work, Pickup Truck-Bear Family, CD (for Doc)
- break 10:48 am
14     Don Redman and His Orchestra, Reefer Man (1940)
15     Arkey Blue and The Blue Cowboys, Too Many Pills-CD (from God Less America)
- break 10:57 am
16     Whiskeytown, Losering-Geffen, CD
17     Drive-By Truckers, Two Daughters and A Beautiful Wife-New West, CD
18     Chappaquiddick Skyline, Leave Me Alone-Sub Pop, CD (SPCD 470, 1999)
19     Halden Wofford & The Hi-Beams, Sideways In The Rain* (Texas Tears demo)
- break 11:15 am
20     The Hacienda Brothers, Son Of Saguaro-Proper, CD*
21     Aquasonics, Spanish Blue-Warmtone, CD*
22     Los Twang Marvels, Flight Of The Bumblebee-El Toro, CD
- break 11:30 am
23     Japancakes, Sometimes-Darla, CD*
24     Jason Molina, Let Me Go Let Me Go-Secretly Canadian, CD* (For Conor)
- break 11:48 am
25     Alasdair Roberts, Riddle Me This-Drag City, CD
- break 11:57 am
26     Beck, Loser-Geffen, CD
Notes: Spring renewal is the scene. Across the horizon change is in the air. I can smell it and better yet I have the inside track. Ukulele Loki just released his first CD and is perusing a new adventure of mystery and travel. Uncle Jeff is settling down into retirement by concentrating on musical endeavors. Here and there friends are moving on toward new climates and challenges.

Chris Gaffney of The Hacienda Brothers passed this week. He played with Dave Alvin and was a welder, a nice guy and had Popeye tattoos. Danny Federici, keyboard player for Bruce Springsteen passed 3 days ago.Springsteen often referred to him as "Phantom." Phasing out, phasing in.

You can see Multicast (Jeff's alter ego) perform at the Communikey Festival Finale tonight (9pm) at the Trilogy Wine Bar. See you this evening at the bar.

Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.

*noteable trak
**hot trak