Route 78 West 3/16/2008 back
Show #361 VU Meters In Red


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Slim Whitman, Indian Love Call-Bear Family, CD (1952)
02     Donny Walser, Castin' My Lasso-Walser Archieve Records, CD (1954)
03     Slim Whitman, By The Waters Of Minnetonka-Bear Family, CD
04     Charline Arthur, Burn That Candle-Bear Family, CD
05     Lonesome Brothers, Church Of Nicotine-Spirithouse, CD
- break 10:18 am
06     Webb Pierce, Yes I know Why-Bear Family Box Set, CD
07     The Buchanan Brothers, High Tempered Mama-Bronco Buster, CD (1948)
08     Hank Thompson, A Good Man Is Hard To Find-Interstate, CD (1952) (hot trak)
09     Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys, Don't Be Ashamed of Your Age-Mercury, CD
- break 10:32 am
10     The Buchanan Brothers, When You See Those Flying Saucers-Bronco Buster, CD
11     Al Dexter, When We Go Honky Tonkin'-Jasmine Records, CD
12     Foy Willing, Texas Blues-Compact Cattle, CD
13     Al Dexter, Who's Been Here-Jasmine Records, CD
- break 10:43 am
14     Chuckanut Drive, Ain't Much Action-Ragtown, CD
15     Wayne Hancock, Viper-Bloodshot, CD
16     Gram Parsons, The Dark End Of The Street-Amoeba, CD
17     Drag The River, The Lost Angel Saloon-Suburban Home, CD (2007)
- break 11:02 am
18     Prueba De Fuego, Brasil-Isotonic, CD
19     The Hellbenders, The Hellbenders (I Crudeli)-Double Crown, CD
20     Get Three Coffins Ready, Evil Eye-NDSA Records, CD
21     The Intrepedes, Golash-Romulan, LP (French)
22     Danny Steel, Chinese Twist-Romulan, LP (French)
- break 11:23 am
23     Ryan Bingham, South Side Of Heaven-Lost Highway (walnut room next week)
24     Kathleen Edwards, I Make The Dough You Get The Glory-Rounder, CD
25     Justin Townes Earle, Far Away In Another Town-Bloodshot, CD
- break 11:39 am
26     Whiskeytown, Somebody Remembers The Rose-Geffen, CD (more and even more)
27     Rolling Stones, Got The Monday Morning Blues (rare)
28     Whiskeytown, Missing You-Geffen, CD
29     James McMurtry, Cheney's Toy-Lightening Rod, CD (street's April 14th)
- break 11:59 am
30     The Legendary Shack Shakers, Hellwater-Yep Roc, CD
Notes: The self destructive demons are gone and energy for screen-based life has returned. I pepper my mind with Sebadoh and Shellac... simmer for 25 minutes and get to the right place. It seems Uncle Jeff and Vagabond Danny found peace in yodeling this past Sunday morning. I imagined howling dogs and X-intersection car crashes during the first set. But it's not the worst thing to put up with, even though it's a tad hard on the VU meters.

The 2nd set contained my favorite trak of the day, Hank Thompson's, A Good Man Is Hard To Find. Nice saturated sound circa 1948. Steve Albini would approve the analog tendencies. Danny's Buchanan Brothers picks were a close 2nd.

The traditional mid-show surf/Spagetti set returned with 5 never heard traks and spurred a few singer songwriter traks along with essential repackaged Whiskeytown. A Ryan Adams/Caitlin Cary reunion would be welcomed by many.

Post show libations at the Rio Grande. Thanks to Danny for helping with today's show. Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.