Route 78 West 7/31/2005 back
Show #229 Payola Blues
  HOUR 1 Mp3


 track  artist, song-label, format

01     Urel Albert, I'm An Imitator-Spar Records, 78
02     Johnny Guitar & His Targets, San Antonio Boogie-The White Lable, LP
03     The Cats And The Fiddle, Blue Skies-Blue Bird, LP
04     Buddy Thompson, Sweet Dreams Of You-RCA, 78
- break 5:18 pm
05     The Cats And The Fiddle, I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire-BlueBird, LP
06     Ted Daffan, To Late, Little Girl, To Late-Okeh, 78
07     Jimmy Rodgers, When The Catcus Is In Bloom
08     Hank Penny, Texas In My Soul
- break 5:34 pm
09     Art Gibson & His Melody Mountain Boys, No More Records-Collector Records, LP
10     Jenks Tex Carman, Hillbilly Hula
11     Jerry Byrd, Hilo March
12     Light Crust Dough Boys, I Want A Waitress-DAL, 78 (for Dee)
13     Whitney Knight With Kenny Cox & His Westners, From An Angle To A Devil
         Collector Records, LP
- break 5:52
14     Neil Young, Payola Blues-Geffen, CD
15     Chuck Wayne, Thank You Call Again-Collector Records, LP
16     Kenny Brown & The Arkansas Ramblers, Throw A Little Wood On The Fire
         Collector Records, LP
17     Polly Possum & Joe Wolverton, Bimbo-Columbia, 78
18     Hank Williams, No No Joe
- break 6:14 pm
19     Lloyd Green, Red River Valley
20     Scud Mountain Boys, Wichita Lineman-Sub Pop, CD
21     Richmond Fontaine, Exit 194B-El Cortez, CD
22     Richard Buckner, Lil Wallet Picture-Blackeyed Pig, CD
- break 6:28
23     Son Volt, Gramaphone-Sony BMG, CD (acoustic)
24     Ryan Adams, When Will You Come Home-Lost Highway, CD
25     Bruce Springteen, Hollywood Kids (rare)
- break 6:42
25     Bernice Brothers, I Saw The Welcome Mat (new)
26     Grey Delisle, Iron Flowers, Suger Hill-CD
- break 6:53
27     Johnny Fortune, Lone Surfer-AVI, CD
28     Deadbolt, The Mocker-Cargo Music, CD
- break 7:01 Goodbyes
29     Tom Petty, The Last DJ-Warner, CD
30     Neil Young, This Notes For You-Reprise, 45


Pay Attention. Don't stagnate on me! My twist of your wrist should get you out this Saturday nite (Aug 6) to see Richard Buckner courtesy of the Larimer Lounge. Get your beauty rest, make the show and keep your eyes peeled for the grizzled old miner at the edge of the stage.

A Tuesday nite session at the Quonset hut instigated by co-music-addict Eric produced harmonic finds. Payola = zero, but we ain't blue.

Two Loose nuts behind the wheel. Where's the dial phone? What's your handle? Red River Valley playing in the background. Lots cued up... not knowing where we're headed. I do know this, "I Want A Waitress" is the HOT trak.

Ukulele Loki's recording list detailed the early morning music finds. More jabbering smiles reminising the Quonset hut. Hey, are you too old to show? Where's the payola? It's over there, sitting on the turntable. It's seeing our name on the guest list. Yep, it's payday when Route 78 west makes's list of radio broadcasts, rated by Time Magazine as one of the top fifty web sites.

Bonus traks played while Ukulele Loki booted up the all-night music.